It started with a question during a group ride.

For all the time we spend together on bikes, do we really know what’s happening in each other’s lives? Do we take the time to have those important conversations? And, just as importantly: why not?

Fast forward a couple months.

A different group of cyclists. A different ride. The same question. That was the spark: What if we start a company to start a conversation – a conversation that could help a friend you didn’t even know was in need?

All it takes is two words: You good?

It’s what one cyclist calls out to another cyclist who is sitting on the side of the road. We’ve all said it. We’ve all heard it. But do we say it enough? Together, those two words mean so much. Do you need something? Can I help you? Are you doing OK? So take a moment on your next ride. Or even when you’re not on your bikes.Turn to a friend and say, “You good?”

Promise us you’ll do it and we promise we’ll donate 5% of profits to mental health support.

At the end of the day. If we get even a few more people cycling regularly while raising money to support mental health organizations and doing something we love, we can sleep well.

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